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KrogerPickupFeedback: A feedback platform for the Kroger Pickup service. Customers who are making a purchase via a Pickup are eligible to take the Kroger pickup feedback survey through the official website at

Most of the customers make use of this service in this pandemic to order their groceries online quickly. And when they visit the store, the orders will be packed already. So they can take away the order easily without spending much time outside.

Kroger Pickup Feedback Survey


Similar to this, Kroger does have a separate website for Customers shopping directly in the nearest Kroger store. However, all the websites such as., Kroger feedback, Kroger stores feedback, and Krogerpickupfeedback look identical.

Kroger offers pickup services in most of their stores, which allow the customers to shop online and the order will be ready by the time you arrive at the store.

Official Website at

The official website of the Kroger pickup feedback looks exactly similar to the Kroger feedback. The rules and regulations to enter the survey are also the same.

Visit the Official Website

KrogerPickupFeedback Sample Receipt

The sample receipt looks identical to the same purchase receipt that customers receive when they shop directly in the store. Sometimes, store shoppers will get store phone numbers instead of the entry id in their receipt.

But the sample receipt of Kroger pickup will have as below:

  • Exact Date of the shopping.
  • Exact Purchase time.
  • Entry ID.

Like this, Kroger does have a similar survey portal for Pick n Save stores ie., the Picknsaveexperience portal to share customer experiences with the Pick n save.

In case if you wanna have a look on the sample purchase receipt, Refer to the below image for the purchase sample receipt.

Kroger Pickup Feedback Survey Guidelines

kroger pickup feedback survey

The procedure is the same as we have talked about earlier for the Customers will find the date & time of the shopping & entry id printed on the receipt bottom.

Here are the simple steps to enter the krogerpickupfeedback survey:

  1. Enter the official website mentioned in this article. Refer to the official website section.
  2. Now carefully, enter the date & time of the shopping and the ENTRY ID from the receipt.
  3. Click on the “Start” button to start the survey.

Based on the customer shopping, they have to answer the survey questions and rate product quality, availability, employee service, and overall experience. All the customers earn rewards whenever they share the feedback with The Kroger Co.

If any customer face problem, feel free to contact Kroger customer service. If anything else, kindly comment below so that other customers can get aware of the issues.

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