Key Points for The Objective of Satisfaction Survey

The objective of a satisfaction survey is multiple. If it is understood mainly as a decision-making tool, the satisfaction survey can also be a communication tool when it is well conducted. Why the famous Kroger has a satisfaction survey called Kroger Feedback.

It also obviously makes it possible to follow the evolution of the actions carried out by the company over time.

Objective of Satisfaction Survey

From listening and customer analysis to building a suitable offer, here we suggest you deciphering together the 3 main objectives of a satisfaction survey.

The objective of a satisfaction survey: to listen to your customers

A. Know the needs and expectations of its customers.

The objective of a satisfaction survey is to probe as accurately as possible the needs and expectations of the company’s customers to offer them an offer that is the most appropriate.

The feedback collected is therefore precious! They allow the company to continuously improve and adjust its offer on several levels; from lead generation to customer loyalty.

B. Communicate and create links with its customers.

A satisfaction survey aims to communicate with its customers and is an interesting way to create links. The satisfaction survey can be used as a lever for customer loyalty.

Thus, after a marketing action or following an act of purchase, carrying out a satisfaction survey is a good reflex to reassure the customer while keeping him at the center of attention.

C. Consolidate the customer relationship

By being integrated into a more global approach, the satisfaction survey offers the customer the opportunity to feel concerned by the decision-making of the company which consults him. Thus, the objective of a satisfaction survey is also to strengthen and consolidate the customer’s relationship with the company.

D. Mobilize the internal around reliable figures

The satisfaction survey can be an effective and useful tool for several company departments. Indeed, it provides neutral data that legitimizes the decisions taken.

The satisfaction survey makes it possible, for example, to promote the strengths of the company or to raise awareness among the various departments around customer expectations.

The objective of a satisfaction survey: to be customer-centric

A. The spirit of co-creation: being “customer-centric”

Today, the user is an essential link in the innovation processes carried out by companies.

Thus, we observe more and more the realization of joint creation between companies and their customers. This is called co-creation or even co-development.

By taking part in this process, the objective of the satisfaction survey is to take information from the source. Thus, the satisfaction survey is a way for companies to remain innovative and competitive.

B. Bring out new ideas

Often self-centered, the company is not always an easy place to innovate.

One of the objectives of the satisfaction survey is also to easily contact customers in order to explore their new ideas.

Indeed, thanks to their interest in the company’s products and their knowledge of their own needs, customers are a very interesting resource to be taken into account today in innovation processes. The official website of Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey can be found at or

The objective of a satisfaction survey: to monitor and measure the actions

A. Monitor your performance indicators over time

One-shot satisfaction surveys are a source of information for marketing departments.

However, it is clear that a study carried out over time with certain indicators makes it possible to monitor the changes and the impact of the actions carried out by the company, thus offering it an opportunity to improve.

B. Access a real-time decision support tool

We see a lot of companies abandoning customer satisfaction and therefore satisfaction surveys.

They are thus depriving themselves of a formidable tool, inexpensive for the company, which makes it possible to measure and monitor the marketing actions carried out almost in real-time.

C. Targeting future actions

A satisfaction survey can help the company prioritize its actions and thus gain efficiency.

Thanks to the satisfaction survey, companies develop more innovative marketing and sales actions and more easily define their budgetary priorities.

D. Be accompanied by an expert

To succeed in a customer satisfaction survey, there is a process to know and tools to put in place.

While the satisfaction survey serves several purposes, including that of getting in touch with the customer, it is nevertheless essential to be vigilant about the operating mode: choice of questions, the definition of the sample, frequency of contact, use of statistics.

For these reasons in particular, we recommend that you be accompanied by an expert speaker who will be able to guarantee the quality of the methodological approach and the neutrality of the responses obtained when carrying out a satisfaction survey.

Do you want to conduct a customer satisfaction survey? We are here to bring you our expertise.

To go further, we invite you to read the testimony of a btob company which has chosen to monitor satisfaction regularly: “ B to B satisfaction survey, yes, but with flexibility and agility ”.

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