Kroger to eliminate the use of plastic bags

Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the US, will eliminate the use of plastic bags

The largest supermarket chain in the United States, Kroger Co., has begun to phase out the use of single-use plastic bags in its stores, the company said in a statement today.

Decision to eliminate Plastic bag on the Kroger Stores

Kroger Co. began picking them up today at QFC stores in and around Seattle, Washington, with the goal of not using plastic bags in those stores next year.

The chain assured that the objective is that the more than 2,800 supermarkets they have throughout the country have already stopped using these bags completely by 2025.

“As part of our ‘Zero Hunger-Zero Waste’ commitment, we will phase out disposable plastic bags and transition to reusable bags in our stores by 2025,” said Rodney McMullen, president of Kroger. Launch of e-commerce in Florida to eliminate the risk of bags.

“It is a bold move that will better protect our planet for future generations,” he added. 

Some estimates suggest that 100 billion single-use plastic bags are thrown away in the United States each year.

Currently, less than 5% of plastic bags are recycled each year in the country, and single-use plastic bags are the fifth most widely used disposable plastic product in the United States.

Kroger Co. orders about 6 billion bags each year for its stores in 35 states and the District of Columbia, which serve nearly 9 million people daily through two dozen different grocery chains. Also, read more details on how to enter the Kroger survey feedback program.

From now on, customers will be able to purchase reusable bags in their stores for $ 1 or $ 2, while recycled paper bags will also be available for free.

“We listen very closely to our customers and our communities, and we agree with their growing concerns,” said Mike Donnelly, the company’s chief operating officer. 

“That is why, starting today at QFC, we will begin the transition to more sustainable options,” he added.

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