Kroger Ad This Week – Kroger Weekly Ad

The Kroger store released the Kroger weekly ad early preview of this week (22/9/21 to 28/9/21). In this article, Kroger ad this week & Kroger circular sales ads for next week (when released online) will be posted within Tuesday or Wednesday.

Kroger Ad This Week (22/9/21 to 28/9/21).

kroger ad this week

This Week Ads for Kroger Grocery stores offers a great discount for over 66 products across many several categories such as., Floral, Health & Beauty, Dairy & Eggs, Meat & Seafood, Beverages, Baby, Frozen, Deli, Kitchen, Office School Crafts, Electronics, Bakery, Snacks, Produce, Breakfast, Holiday & Seasonal Goods, Cleaning Products, Condiments & Sauces, and Canned & Packaged.

UPDATE: Kroger Ad 29/9/21 to 5/10/21 Early Preview will be published SOON.!!!

We recommend scrolling down further to view the current Kroger weekly sales ad (22 September to 28 September 2021).

Currently Showing: 22 Sep to 28 Sep 2021

Kroger Ads Weekly Special Early preview !!

  • Kroger Ad – 22/09/2021 to 28/09/2021 Early Preview

    In the nearest Kroger store, customers can find the Kroger ad this week 22/9/21 to 28/9/21 circular flyers to save a lot in the weekly grocery shopping.

    Kroger Weekly Ad – 22 Sep to 28 Sep 2021

    Here is the Kroger weekly flyer ad preview for 22/9/21 to 28/9/21:

    Customers can view the complete Kroger ad for this current week or early Kroger ads for the upcoming weeks are regularly updated on the official website at

    Many BOGO Offers, great discounts on the combo, and new launches are live in the current Kroger circular sales ad preview of 22 September to 28 September 2021.

Kroger Ad – 22 Sep to 28 Sep 2021

In the Kroger weekly circular, customers can find their favourite Kroger weekly special deals are available in online (pickup & delivery) and store, and save money on their weekly grocery bills.

Because of the early circular sales ad, customers can save a good amount money on their grocery shopping bills with discount at different products and vegetables.

With the help of these discounts we can save more and more. The krogerflyer ads are easily available at the official page of Kroger and also at different grocery related pages.

  • Holiday & Seasonal Goods
  • Baby
  • Dairy & Eggs
  • Frozen
  • Produce
  • Deli
  • Office School Crafts
  • Meat & Seafood
  • Cleaning Products
  • Snacks
  • Kitchen
  • Condiments & Sauces
  • Floral
  • Breakfast
  • Canned & Packaged
  • Beverages
  • Health & Beauty
  • Bakery
  • Electronics

Currently, Kroger offers variety of deals and discounts on the above category. Get the latest offers early preview through the official address.

Kroger Circular Sales Ad FAQ:

All the customer questions regarding the Kroger weekly ad is as follows:

Ques 1: When will the Kroger release new Sales Flyer ads?

Answer 1: The Kroger Co, will always release fresh weekly circuler ads every Tuesday. Customers can view the new weekly ad preview online a day before the sale starts. In this article – kroger ad this week (22/9/21 to 28/9/21), customers get early ad preview of the week ads.

Ques 2: What is the validity period of the Kroger Ads?

Answer 2: The normal weekly flyer ad sales starts from Wednesday and ends around Tuesday and based on the stock availability. In holiday occasions, the offers last longer.

Ques 3: How to Subscibe to Kroger Ads (22 September to 28 September 2021)?

Answer 3: Customers can enable or disable the preferences to receive Kroger Weekly Ads Sales flyer to their registered email address through the Kroger customer account. Follow the below steps to turn on & receive the Kroger weekly ad:

  1. Login to the online digital account.
  2. Under the customer name, there is a drop-down menu.
    Click on the “My Account” option under the drop-down menu from the customer name.
  3. Now, You will see various options and settings.
  4. Under the preferences section, Go to Email Preferences.
  5. Click on the check box – “Weekly Ad” to turn on the email notification.

Ques 4: Can I receive Kroger Ads in the Mail service?

Answer 4: At present, Kroger NEVER sends the Weekly circular sales flyer through Mail. But sent as Newspapers inserts, so the customers can find it inside on the Wednesday morning.

Customers can visit the nearest Kroger store and find the current kroger ads in the counter.

Ques 5: What day will the Kroger Ad Sales Starts and Ends?

Answer 5: The Kroger Sales starts every Wednesday and Ends by the following Tuesday. Now, the sale is hapenning between 22 Sep to 28 Sep 2021.

Kroger Ad sneak peak for – 22 September to 28 September 2021 the week is posted a day before the sale starts. Customers can compare the ongoing sales from other different stores with the Kroger stores and do shopping to save more on their grocery bills.s

This is the latest Kroger weekly ads for the upcoming week. Click through for the latest prices and specials. More information about the kroger ads this week are available above. Do subscribe to the Weekly Ad & get notified when there is any Mega sale happening at Kroger store.

Along with the Kroger Weekly Ads, Customer can find any ongoing sales or browse any digital coupon at the In our website, customers can find a detailed guide on the Krogerfeedback for customer satisfaction suvey and early kroger weekly ad preview this week.

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