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The ‘CVS’ knows the value of its customers and their precious feedback which is now available online by visiting

Surveys help gather feedback and ideas from its customers regarding the sales products.

CVS Customer Satisfaction Surveys provide customers an opportunity to tell the company what they feel about the products and service.

Knowing what the customer wants and how much they are satisfied with the products and services is an integral part of business research.

To accomplish this research process CVS uses online surveys.

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How to Enter CVS Guest FeedBack on

Receiving appreciation from customer’s means a lot to the company, but feedback received can either be positive or negative.

Both forms of feedback are highly constructive for the company.

Tell CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey helps the company to sort out the things with which the customers do not satisfy. Also, do check the details on the survey.

The company tries its best to facilitate the customers in every possible way in the form of price, quality, better products, or other customer services.

Surveys help the company to give its customers most reliable shopping experience ever.

To participate in survey visit the official URL @ or

CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey – Guidance

  • Visit the above-mentioned link.
  • Choose your preferred language English or Spanish.
  • Click ‘Continue’ to proceed.
  • Enter 17-digit survey Id number from the invitation part of your receipt.
  • Answer the question honestly about your recent visit.
  • Provide the contact information for sweepstakes draw.
  • Submit the survey.

CVS Company Profile

CVS provides integrated pharmacy and health care services.

Along with prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs, it also retails beauty products and cosmetics, personal care products, convenience foods, seasonal merchandise, and greeting cards, as well as provides photo finishing services.

It operates 9,655 retail stores in 49 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Brazil.

It also offers healthcare services through ‘MinuteClinics’ which are located across CVS stores.

2 thoughts on “CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey @”

  1. I would like to offer some unsolicited feedback on CVS, from a provider perspective.

    For, for a bit of context: I am a transplant pharmacist in a moderately busy transplant center. My routine work includes designing medication regimens, educating on transplant medications, sending prescriptions, resolving issues (e.g. obtaining PA, enrolling in assistance), and promoting medication adherence.

    There is one patient situation when I absolutely DREAD using CVS:
    It’s when a patient requires Neupogen. Let me illustrate my experience arranging Neupogen for a patient who prefers CVS versus for a patient who uses a competing pharmacy. For the purposes of this, let’s assume insurance prior authorization is either not needed or already approved.

    The CVS experience:
    I send the prescription to the patient’s preferred pharmacy (a local CVS). I give it 30-60 minutes then call to see if the Rx was received, claim covered by insurance, copay affordable, and drug available. The local CVS staff inform they do not handle this med (a corporate policy; not an insurance mandate). They inform the Rx has been auto-routed to CVS Specialty and advise I call there. I call CVS Specialty who has no clue about the Rx nor the patient … enter into a 1 hour+ conversation with multiple people to set up an account, call in the Rx, wait for insurance verification, etc. CVS Specialty staff inform me their processes take time, it’s 24-72h at best. Patient is immunosuppressed, neutropenic, and does not have the luxury of waiting 24-72h. I remind CVS that they are the party who routed this urgent need to a mail order, specialty pharmacy (again, corporate decision). CVS Specialty staff insist their workflows must follow a process and they take time … I wait … AWFUL.

    Alternate pharmacy:
    I sent the prescription. 30-60 minutes later I call to follow up. I learn the Rx was received, the claim is paid, the copay is zero, the drug needs to be ordered and will be available the next morning. AMAZING!

    Today, while on hold with the rep at CVS Specialty (after approx. 30 minutes, while I’m placed on my second extended hold), I literally re-routed the prescription to another pharmacy, received confirmation from the other pharmacy that it is covered but needs to be ordered, it will be ready the next day, and spoke with the patient. All before your staff came back to check on my on hold. (!!!!)

    Why do you insist on applying a corporate policies for this drug, that inserts an obnoxious delay in therapy? There are patients who actually want to use CVS, who are very poorly served by this decision.

  2. Certainly wish the CVS could show what the item is on the bill. My wife is on a lot of medication and there are times that it would be shown on the invoice what the 0340000 actually is. There are times that I pick up 4 different prescriptions and all it is is numbers.


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