Satisfaction Survey for Customers

Customer satisfaction surveys are now easy to administer! With the CustomInsight Survey Administrator, you can create an online survey to collect customer feedback.

Your customers will know that you care about their opinions, and they will appreciate the convenience, ease of use, and the anonymity that CustomInsight surveys provide.

customer satisfaction survey

Once people respond to your customer survey, you can generate full-color reports that will provide insight into what your customers think of the products or services that you provide.

This data can help you avoid potential disasters before they arise, and just by giving your customers a forum where they can express their thoughts and feelings and know that you are listening to them, you can improve their level of satisfaction.

Related to this, Kroger has its own satisfaction survey for customers at and rewards them with free fuel points.

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Market Research Surveys

At every stage in the development of a new product or service, it is critical to gauge what your potential customers think.

With CustomInsight you can easily create marketing surveys for every stage of market research and product development. If your market research involves focus groups, surveys are an effective way to gather information from your focus group.

The full-color reports will show you where your ideas are hitting the mark and where they are lacking, and the CustomInsight survey administrator will spare you the hassle of collecting and compiling the data yourself.

CustomInsight does not provide content for your customer surveys or market research surveys. With the tellthebell survey program customers can share their opinions.

The content and design of the survey are up to you. You can tailor the questions and demographic profiles to meet your specific needs.

If you need help with the content of your survey, we can refer you to consultants who are experienced in these areas. Examples of assessments delivered with the CustomInsight Survey Administrator

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer opinion polls
  • Ongoing customer service feedback
  • Market research surveys
  • Focus group surveys
  • Loyalty Reward Program for Customers

Getting started with CustomInsight Survey Hosting

After you complete the short account form, you will be logged into the Survey Administrator.

As a first-time user, the interactive tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a survey.

If you already know what questions you want to ask, your survey can be ready to use in less than ten minutes.

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