Pick n Save Experience @ www.picknsaveexperience.com

PicknSaveExperience: A seperate portal to share customer experience with Pick ‘n Save Stores. Customers who are shopping in the Pick N Save Stores are eligible to get some offers through the Pick n save experience portal at www.picknsaveexperience.com. One of the newly launched store from The Kroger Co., is Pick N Save. Many products are … Read more

Kroger Pickup Feedback @ www.krogerpickupfeedback.com

KrogerPickupFeedback: A feedback platform for the Kroger Pickup service. Customers who are making a purchase via a Pickup are eligible to take the Kroger pickup feedback survey through the official website at www.krogerpickupfeedback.com. Most of the customers make use of this service in this pandemic to order their groceries online quickly. And when they visit … Read more

Key Points for The Objective of Satisfaction Survey

The objective of a satisfaction survey is multiple. If it is understood mainly as a decision-making tool, the satisfaction survey can also be a communication tool when it is well conducted. Why the famous Kroger has a satisfaction survey called Kroger Feedback. It also obviously makes it possible to follow the evolution of the actions … Read more